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Simple Ways To Improve Home Security When On Holiday


Being concerned about the security of your home is perfectly natural while you’re away so to help put your mind at ease.It’s great to have a week or two where we can sit back, relax and enjoy not having a care in the world and not worry about a break-in at our home.Here are simple ways to ensure the safety of your house when you are on holiday or away for some time

Hide Any Signs That You May Be Away

Making it obvious that you’re not home is an invitation for robbers so try to cover up any tell-tale signs that you might be away. Post collecting by the letter box, the same light being on consistently, or all the curtains being shut even in the day and no sign of anyone coming or going for days on end can all make it very obvious that you’re on holiday.

Ask a neighbor or a friend to pop in to water the plants and pick up the post because if robbers are eyeing your house up and they see someone there, they will quickly move on.

Ensure That All Windows And Door Are Lockedhgvhrbr

It sounds pretty obvious, but you would be surprised how easy it is to forget something like this when you’re in a mad rush to get to the airport. Chances are you won’t forget to lock the front door but don’t forget to check the back and any other doors you might have such as in the lounge. Also, double check windows to check if they’re shut. You may assume they’re locked when they’re not.

Put Valuables In Self-Storage

If you have anything particularly valuable or sentimental, then it may be worth putting it in a self-storage unit for the duration of your holiday. In the unlikely event that you are broken into, it means that you don’t have to worry about these items going missing.

Don’t Broadcast Your Holiday

gvrgvgvrWe love nothing more than telling all our Facebook friends that we’re off on holiday or posting some beach snaps on Twitter but make sure you exercise extreme caution when you do this. Your safest bet is not to post anything until you’re back but if you have to, make sure that nobody can see your posts except trusted friends and family.

Follow these simple and inexpensive ways and improve your home security as you enjoy your holiday.